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New York City Annual Sale - 2006
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Key Dates for the 2006 Lien Sale

March 14, 2006 60-Day Notices Published
April 17, 2006 30-Day Notices Published
May 9, 2006 10-Day Noticed Published
May 19, 2006 Last Day to Pay in Full or Arrange Payment Plan
May 22, 2006 New York City Lien Sale

Lien Sale Notices

Notices will be mailed to owners of at-risk properties on March 14th, approximately 60 days before the lien sale. Another notice will also be mailed 30 days before the sale date, and 10 days before the sale the updated list of properties will be published in local newspapers. The list of at-risk properties is also published on this web site (directly below) and will updated approximately every 15 days.

If you receive a lien sale notice by mail, there will be a brochure enclosed that explains everything you should know and do to avoid having a lien sold on your property. Even if you do not receive a notice, however, if your property is shown on the published lists, it means that a lien may be sold on your property to collect delinquent property taxes, water or sewer charges, or other property-related charges and accrued interest.


* you believe our records are incorrect,
* you have already paid the delinquent amount,
* you cannot make full payment by May 19th, or
* you want to make full payment

...you must contact either the Department of Finance or the Department of Environmental Protection as soon as you receive your lien sale notice. Do not ignore the lien sale notice. If you do not resolve this matter by May 19th, a lien will be sold on your property.

Military Personnel

Active members of the US armed forces are exempt from the lien sale, and either they or someone acting on their behalf may request relief from the lien sale by completing an affidavit that provides information about their military service and their property.

Payments and Payment Plans

Payments must be received and processed by May 19th to remove the lien from your property and from the 2006 lien sale.

Electronic Services Graphic Pay property taxes online (convenience fees may apply)

In Person
Pay in person at any one of Finance's Business Centers. You do not have to pay in the Business Center of the borough where your property is located. Normal business hours are 8:30am to 4:30pm; however, on Tuesday evenings through May 9th and from May 15th through May 19th the Business Centers will remain open until 7pm.

In-person payments of property taxes and related charges, as well as water and sewer payments, may be made via cash, check, or money order only.

By Mail
Since payments must be received and processed by the lien sale date, mailing your payments after the 30-Day Notice is sent is not recommended because it may not be processed in time. If you choose to mail your payment, make sure to include the original coupon (not a copy) that is part of the 60-Day Notice.

Payment Plans
Contact the Department of Finance or the Department of Environmental Protection if you cannot make full payment by May 19th but wish to discuss the possibility of making installment payments over a period of time.

Avoiding Predatory Lenders
When the 60-day Lien Sale Notice is published, homeowners on the list often receive unsolicited loan offers. Dishonest or unscrupulous lenders know that a homeowner on the lien sale list owes the City money. These lenders may try to take advantage of your financial situation, which can put your property ownership in jeopardy.
Say "NO!" to:
Loans with monthly payments you cannot afford to make.
Loans with excessively high fees and interest rates.
Aggressive sales pitches that hide the true cost of the loan.
Hard-sell tactics by telemarketers or door-to-door salespeople.
Any documents with blank spaces.

What you should do:
Contact the Department of Finance or Environmental Protection about paying what you owe in installments, if necessary. Find out exactly how much you will have to pay up front and during each installment period.
Get legal advice from a reputable attorney and, if you must borrow money, contact the NYC Department of Housing, Preservation and Development's Owner Services Program at (212) 863-5300 for further guidance.
Document everything in writing, and read every word.
Make sure that you can afford to pay back the monthly payments on the money you borrow.

For more information on predatory lenders Department of Housing Preservation and Development.

Customer Service

Email Inquiries
Green Bullet Point GraphicEmail Tax Lien Ombudsperson
Green Bullet Point GraphicDepartment of Environmental Protection

Telephone Inquiries
Property Taxes -
Finance Tax Lien Ombudsperson - 212-504-4039
Senior Citizen's Tax Lien Ombudsperson - 212-504-4037

Water and Sewer Charges -
Department of Environmental Protection - 718-595-7000

Outreach Sessions
The Departments of Finance and Environmental Protection will hold outreach sessions in each borough from 5pm to 7pm on the dates listed below to provide owners with one-on-one customer assistance.
Bronx - March 28th
Finance Business Center
1932 Arthur Avenue, 1st Floor Brooklyn - April 26th *
Boys and Girls High School
1700 Fulton Street
Manhattan - April 11th
Finance Business Center
66 John St, 2nd Floor Queens - May 2nd
Finance Business Center
144-06 94th Avenue, 1st Fl
Staten Island - April 25th
Finance Business Center
350 St. Marks Place, 1st Floor Brooklyn - May 16th
Finance Business Center
210 Joralemon Street, 1st Fl

* April 26th outreach session from 6pm to 8pm.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am in the process of disputing a tax or charge. Can a lien be sold before the dispute is resolved?
Yes. All delinquent property taxes or water / sewer charges that remain unpaid for the legally specified amount of time are eligible for sale, including those under dispute. If you are in the process of contesting the assessed value of your property, water / sewer or other charges, you must pay the charges in full to avoid having your lien sold. If your dispute is successful, you will receive a refund.

When the City sells a lien, are they selling my property?
No. The City is selling to a third party the right to collect your delinquent property tax or related charges or your water / sewer charges. The property still belongs to you. However, you must pay the third party who buys the lien(s) or foreclosure proceedings may be started against you.

What happens after a lien is sold?
Within 90 days of the lien sale date, the City notifies all property owners by mail of (a) the terms and conditions under which the lien was sold, (b) the name of the new lienholder, and (c) the name of the lienholder’s authorized representative whom the property owner should contact. The representative will also contact the property owner to discuss payment arrangements. Property owners should not deal with, or make payments to, anyone other than the new lienholder or their authorized representative named in the letter sent by the City.

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